Alternative Pathways into Teaching and Student Learning in Chile


How teacher training and teacher characteristics relate to teacher effectiveness remains unsettled. This article examines the contributions to student learning made by traditionally trained teachers and teachers trained through a short alternative program used by Teach for All in its Chilean chapter, Ensena Chile (eCh). We collect data to create value-added estimates for a wide set of teachers with different types of training. We find no significant differences in effectiveness across types of teacher training. However, pre-college aptitude measured by college entrance exams, and years of experience, are both positively correlated with value-added estimates while the type of teacher training does not. As value-added estimates seem to not be driven by teacher training, this evidence supports the idea that alternative pathways into teaching can complement the teacher workforce without diminishing its quality.

  • Coauthors: Soleca De Gregorio
  • Date: 2021
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