I am an applied microeconomist, and my research focuses on the study of education markets and policies that promote equitable opportunities for human capital accumulation. I work closely with governments to help them leverage their data, existing evidence, and technology, to design, evaluate, and implement new education policies. These collaborations include the governments of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

I am an academic economist working at Yale University, where I have a joint appointment at the Economics Department and the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs. I am a member of the Yale Economic Growth Center and the National Bureau of Economic Research Industrial Organization and Education Economics programs. I am also an affiliate of the J-PAL network.


PhD Students

I am currently advising and coauthoring with several PhD students. Get to know the interesting work these students are doing below.

Karl Schulze

6th year, Princeton Economics PhD

Labor Economics and Education Economics

Felipe Arteaga

6th year, UC Berkeley Economics PhD

Empirical Market Design and Education Economics

Alvaro Carril

6th year, Princeton Economics PhD

Education Economics and Labor Economics

Fernando Ochoa

4th year, New York University PhD

Empirical Market Design and Urban Economics

Past PhD Students

At some point I attempted advising these exciting young researchers. As usual I learned about as much from them as the other way around. Check out the interesting work they are doing.

Patrick Agte

Carolina Concha-Arriagada

Columbia Teachers College

Fernanda (Pumi) Ramirez-Espinoza

Universidad Catolica de Chile

Andres Barrios

Senior Researcher at VATT in Helsinki, Finland

Tomas Larroucau

Arizona State University, Economics Department

Claudia Allende

Post Doc, University of Chicago Becker-Friedman Institute


I have had a lot of help on my journey in economics. First at the University of Chile, the Central Bank of Chile and then at Yale University for my PhD, I have been extremely lucky to have had great mentors that taught me and provided support and motivation. Check out what they are up to today and learn from them if you can:

Joseph Altonji

Yale University

Steve Berry

Yale University

Phil Haile

Yale University

Justine Hastings

Brown University

Costas Meghir

Yale University

Eduardo Engel

Universidad de Chile

Judy Chevalier

Yale Univeristy

Fiona Scott-Morton

Yale Univeristy

Dante Contreras

Universidad de Chile

Jose De Gregorio

Universidad de Chile

Oscar Landerretche

Universidad de Chile

Joseph Ramos

Universidad de Chile


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