About me

I am an applied microeconomist and my research focuses on the study of education markets.

I work at Princeton University, where I have a joint appointment at the Economics Department and the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. I am a member of the Industrial Relations Section and Education Research Section at Princeton University and a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research Industrial Organization and Education Economics programs as well as an affiliate of the J-PAL network.

A theme in my research agenda is to study education markets. I use a combination of methods to study the effectiveness of public policies and to better understand how students, families and education providers behave. When the situation merits, I estimate models of equilibrium behavior to study the potential effects of counterfactual policies.

A second theme in my research agenda is to work with governments and administrative offices to leverage their data to design and implement policies that are relevant to my areas of interest. This relationship with policymakers will often present the opportunity to influence the design of the policy, both to potentially improve it based on prior evidence as well as to facilitate ex post evaluation.